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Tetra PlecoWafers are a nutritionally balanced, full each day food plan for herbivore backside feeders equivalent to plecos. These sinking meals wafers comprise zucchini, algae meal and fiber to simulate the advantages of driftwood and help desired digestibility. This meals is formulated to nutritionally promote a more healthy, longer life for bottom-feeding fish. To make sure that your herbivore backside feeders and different algae-eating fish species are supplied with full each day diet, feed solely the quantity that your fish will eat inside just a few hours every day. For supplemental feeding of different veggie-loving fish, feed each few days, solely what your fish can eat inside just a few hours. Take away any uneaten meals to assist maintain your tank clear and clear. Since 1951, Tetra has developed the world’s most complete physique of fish meals information, and fishkeeping fans have regarded to the model for merchandise and options that add ease and sweetness to their residence. Whether or not you are an skilled hobbyist or simply beginning out, Tetra has every little thing you want – from a big number of high quality fish meals and modern tools to check kits and decor.


High quality Vitamin for All Fish

Tetra has been revolutionizing and enhancing fish diet for the reason that firm’s delivery in Germany in 1951. Since that point, Tetra has developed some of the complete our bodies of flake fish meals information on the planet. A full group of biologists, chemists, and nutritionists frequently research and uncover what retains fish thriving and dwelling lengthy, wholesome lives.

TetraVeggie Tropical Algae Wafers

This prime quality, giant sinking wafer is good for Plecostomus and glorious for all backside feeding fish equivalent to catfish and loaches. The meals supplies nutritious, fiber wealthy selection to assist maintain freshwater ornamentals in peak situation. Incorporates the patented well being enhancing ProCare mix from TetraMin and doesn’t cloud water when used as directed.

Clear, Clear Water

Tetra formulation function micro milled, unique, high-protein fish meal as a core ingredient—making them pure and digestible with fewer colorants. This results in much less waste and a cleaner, clearer aquarium.

Choose the TetraVeggie Meals That is Proper for Your Fish

TetraVeggie Flakes The right vegetable complement for all Algae Grazers. Spirulina-enriched flake mix enhances the diets of plant consuming tropical fish, marine fish, and even goldfish.
TetraVeggie Algae Wafers These vegetarian sinking wafers are perfect for all bottom-feeding tropical fish. Gives nutritious, fiber-rich selection to maintain fish in peak situation. Vegetarian, no animal proteins.
extreme wafers
TetraVeggie Extreme Algae Wafers Sinking wafers with concentrated algae heart excellent for all bottom-feeding fish. A wonderful strategy to provide vegetable selection and additional vitamins. Vegetarian, no animal proteins.

World Class Menu for Each Fish Kind

Tetra understands that each fish is exclusive. For that reason, they’ve created a full menu of meals to assist meet the wants of each fish; from backside feeders to top-feeders and small Bettas to Giant Cichlids.


Flakes: Flakes make up the preferred sort of fish meals. Tetra flakes are formulated to maintain water clear and clear and embody ProCare for added well being advantages.


Crisps: Tetra crisps float longer and create much less waste. Crisps are perfect for small and medium-sized fish.


Granules: Chunk-sized morsels sink slowly to achieve all fish in your aquarium, together with mid-water feeders.


Tablets: Tablets are full, balanced diet that sink shortly for all bottom-feeding fish equivalent to catfish and loaches.

algae wafers

Algae Wafers: Giant, sinking wafers are excellent for veggie loving backside feeders like piecostomus catfish.


Sticks: Full and balanced sticks present hearty diet to bigger fish equivalent to Oscars, Cichlids, and marine fish.


Pellets: This floating meals is good for mid to giant sized fish like Cichlids and Goldfish. Tiny pellets can be found for Bettas.

gel foods

Gel Meals: Progressive Grazing Blocks are nice for lengthy intervals away from residence. Gel Meals attempt to feed fish the best way they might eat in nature.


Dietary supplements/Treats: Nice along with Tetra’s Main diets, these meals present wholesome selection for fish.

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