Wound Care Supplies and How to Wound Care (Cats)

Wound Care Supplies and How to Wound Care (Cats)

Cats enjoying playing, pouncing over things, playing with their tail etc. But it is also common to see cats injuring themselves in all these activities. They can usually injure themselves by misjudging height, getting through tight spaces, falling while playing, fighting with other cats or animals. Treating the wound at the right time is very important before it gets infected.

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Causes of wounds

Cats can hurt them self in many ways some of the most common ways are:


  • Misjudging a jump
  • Falling in a bush of thorns.
  • Getting into a fight.
  • Getting through a small space.


These are just some common ways in which a cat can injure herself. They can get a sprain, cut, wound, bruises, skin infection, etc. It’s highly risky for outdoor cats.

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It is important to understand the stage of injury. There are few stages in healing the wound.


1st stage:-In the first stage, the blood vessels of the wound will start to shrink to stop the bleeding. After a few whiles, the area will enlarge, which will swell the area.


2nd stage:-In the second stage, the white blood cell starts attacking the foreign particles and bacteria. It is an automatic process by the body.


3rd stage:-Where in the second stage the bacteria are removed in the third stage the vet may clean all the unwanted dirt which is very deep. This work can only be done by a vet, so do not try it at home.


4th stage:-In the last stage, the wound starts healing itself with the help of the medicines. Rest is the first stage towards healing. Give your cat a good amount of rest, so that she may heal faster.

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All the wounds should be treated individually depending on how deep is the wound or the cut. Your vet may suggest you some wound healing supplies like dermavet, wound guard. You can also consult your vet about using the home remedies.

Home remedies are very effective and are natural and safe option for your cat rather than the harmful chemicals in the medicine. Even if you’re going to treat your cat by using ointments try to find an ointment with mostly natural ingredients. There are many home remedies available online which are tried and tested. The most popular and trusted remedies are using aloe vera gel. Using a little of this magical gel can solve the problem. You can use it for small cuts, wounds or bruises. It is also used in treating infections or any skin problem.

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You can also use turmeric to heal your cats wound. It had antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal properties, which can help heal the wound faster and better.


The best way to treat your cat is to give her enough rest, proper medication, time to time change, proper and healthy diet and taking extra care. All these facts together will help your cat heal faster. Animals are like babies they need to be taken care no matter what. Your pets are very special treat them right, at the right time by the right person. Giving them all the attention care and love, that’s what they truly deserve.