Vitamins for Cats with Arthritis and Arthritis JointPain Supplements

Vitamins for Cats with Arthritis and Arthritis JointPain Supplements

Usually, cats suffering from arthritis are not able to climb the stairs or run or jump. They may even hesitate to go for a walk. Usually, cats which are aged and suffer from arthritis may also suffer from obesity or diabetes. The diet and supplements play an important role in improving the condition. But before changing the diet or giving any supplement to your cat, you must always consult your vet.

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  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a must even if your cat is not suffering from arthritis. It helps in keeping the immune system strong and also promotes the production of collagen. Vitamin C also helps in preventing scar formation. Collagen is a tissue which is an important part of cartilage. It also reduces bruising and heals the wound.


  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is also considered as a magic ingredient. It can provide health benefits not only for humans but also for cats. It also contains more than two dozen anti inflammatory properties. These properties help in healing and preventing cell damage.

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  1. Protein

Animal-based protein or meat is a good source of healthy protein. It helps in producing cartilage which protects the joints. But before adding meat to your cat’s diet make sure to consult your vet. As cats get older their digestive system slows down and digesting meat could be a problem for them. It can also help reduce muscles loss with happens because of aging.

  1. Fish oil

Mostly cats are recommended to have fish oil. Fish oil are full of goodness, they have omega 3 fatty acids which help in join inflammation and also reduces pain. As fish oil contains a good about of fat so make it a point that you balance it out. As excess fat in cats body can pull it down creating more pressure on its joints and increasing the pain. Avoid cod liver oil.

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  1. Bone Broth

It is difficult to prepare the bone broth. As you need to be very careful about removing the bone fragments. But it is a great source of calcium which helps in building the strength and healing of bones.



With diet supplements also plays an important role in better recovery. Some cats suffer from very serious joint problems which need to be operated but in most cases, supplement does the job. Most supplements contain active ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin which is known to promote joint health and healing it. It is very important to read the label on the back of the supplement, as some supplements contain artificial ingredients which could be harmful to your cat.


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Do a proper research on the supplements and the ingredients and then consult your vet about it. Try to find supplements that have more natural ingredients and are less harmful. Before buying any supplement make sure you keep in mind the daily intake of vitamins and minerals for your cat. As the nutritional value for aged cats and suffering from arthritis differ, so that should also be taken in account.




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Cats are beautiful animals, they are warm, cute and adorable. Taking proper care of them is a must. Cats suffering from arthritis face problems but with proper diet, supplements and love they can heal faster and live better.