Get Rid of Diarrhea and Cats with Diarrhea

Get Rid of Diarrhea and Cats with Diarrhea

Cats commonly suffer from diarrhea. It can indicate a very serious problem or could be just a normal stomach problem. Diarrhea is usually caused because of indigestion of new food in cats. If diarrhea lasts for one or two days then its indigestion but it lasts for many days then you must visit the vet. But if the diarrhea is just for two-three days then you can slowly continue with the normal diet later.

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Cause of diarrhea

   It could be caused because of many reasons like change in diet, allergic reaction, inflammatory bowel disease or kidney problems, bacteria or virus etc.

Symptoms of diarrhea

   A frequent stop is very common in diarrhea, but if your cat is vomiting, there is blood in the stool, if the stool is black and sticky, fever, weight loss etc then you must immediately take your cat to the vet. If there is blood in the stool it could be because of internal bleeding in the stomach or small intestine.


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Treatment for diarrhea

   After visiting the vet if you have found that your cat is suffering from diarrhea try changing the diet.

Some doctors suggest to keep the cat without eating for around 12 to 15 hours, this will give enough time for the cat to recover. You can then slowly start feeding her in small portions.  Switch back to the old food which didn’t cause any diarrhea or introduce a new food. It is recommended to introduce small portions of the new food. For eg 80% of the old food and around 20% of the new food. Then slowly keep adding the new food until it reaches 100%. Give all the medicines to your cat as prescribed by the doctor.

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Try giving the medicine in small quantities and slowly. Keeping your cat hydrated is very important. Give your cat lost water to drink so that the body can clear all the toxins as well as help in diarrhea. Your cat may also feel weak because of frequently visiting the litter box, so try giving her good healthy food and water. Add probiotics to your cat’s diet. Probiotics help in adding good bug back to the digestive system helping it function properly.  You can also add fiber to your cat’s diet. Giving your cat pumpkin is a good source of fiber.

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You must all see if your cat is allergic to some food items. Also, avoid giving dairy products as dairy products could be hard to digest.  Cats that have hairballs also experience frequent diarrhea issues.

   Keep an eye whether your cat is improving or not. Ask the vet beforehand about the improvement process and how long will it take. For some cats, it may just take few days or weeks but for some, it may take months depending on what is the issue. Try not to force your cat into the new diet because it may result in starving or more weight loss.  

   Diarrhea is not a big issue but if not take care, it can lead to big problems. Being cautious, taking care and giving proper medicines you can avoid serious problems. Try to always listen to your pets needs and pain, not only it will keep your relationship healthy but also will keep you aware of things.