Cat Flea Treatment and How to get rid of Fleas

Cat Flea Treatment and How to get rid of Fleas

Cats and dogs usually suffer from fleas. The furry coat of your cat is with warm blood which is a home for fleas. If your cat is suffering from fleas then treat her as soon as possible. As fleas tend to suck blood from your cat’s body. You can examine your cat by checking her fur and try to search for small crab-like creatures. Your cat will give you signs like itching her body, licking her body, shaking her head too much etc. Your cat would be irritated because of the fleas in her body.

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Getting rid of fleas is not very difficult. By taking few things you can get rid of fleas.

Cleaning your house:-

   The very first step should be you cleaning your cat’s bedding. Your cat’s bedding may contain a lot of fleas in it. It would make no sense of you cleaning your cat and not cleaning her bedding because most of the fleas would be in the bed.Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Cats and Kittens, 6 MO. SUPPLY

You must also clean your sofa carpets and sheets. Vacuuming your house every day will decrease the number of fleas and will also prevent them from coming back in the future. Also, wash your sofa covers and sheets once in a week which will ensure that there are no fleas.


   After knowing that your cat has fleas, try keeping her always clean. Comb your cat’s fur every day at least three times, this will ensure that your cat has no fleas. A female flea produces around fifty to sixty eggs a day. If you don’t treat it well your cat within few days will be filled with fleas. You must take your cat to the vet and get the medicine.

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Spot treatment is an effective way to get rid of them. Search for medicine that can treat fleas, always read the label on the back of the medicines or ask your vet about it. Always make sure that the medicine is not harmful to the cat. Before applying any treatment do a patch test on the cat. After the patch test is successful, you can treat your cat. Apply it according to the instructions.




   You must also treat your house. Keep your pets and baby out. Spray the fleas spray well and keep the house closed for the while till the chemical dries. If you’re worried about the chemicals you can also buy natural sprays. If you want you can also get expert help and get your house free from fleas.

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By treating fleas you not only saving your cat but you also saving yourself. Also, keep doing these things for preventing fleas in future and also keep checking your cat almost daily so that even she is free from fleas. Always treat your cats from fleas as you don’t want who is an irritated cat, who is stressed. In fact being the owner you must give her peace and relief.

   Your cat will love and thank you for treating her. It’s very simple, do little for your cat, and they will love you forever.