Best Constipation Relief and Treatments for Constipation (Cats)


Best Constipation Relief and Treatments for Constipation (Cats)

Constipation is a very common issue in cats. But most of the owners aren’t aware of it. Some cats sadly suffer from constipation all their life. The stool will be hard and dry. Constipation happens mostly because of having a very dry diet. Constipation can also indicate some other health issues.

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The signs of constipation are very easy to understand if your cat is suffering from constipation. The stool will be hard and dry. It’s a good habit of throw out all the waste products from the body, it will also keep the body healthy. Usually, some cats constipate on a regular base almost all their life. Not all cats cry or show signs of constipation. But if your cat is going to the litter box and there is no stool it could be a sign of constipation. Signs of constipation are:-

  • Crying while eliminating because of the pain
  • Blood in the stool
  • Vomiting
  • Unproductive trips to the litter box
  • Weight loss

If you see these signs you must visit the vet.

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Treatment of constipation should be done as soon as possible. Your cat might be in a lot of pain because of the dry hard stool. Cats must eat food containing around 70 to 80% water but because of dry foods, they are only able to get 20 to 30% of water, which results in constipation. The vet will do few tests before coming to a conclusion. According to the result, the diet will be changed. More rich and hydrated diet will be added for better stool. The doctor may give stool softeners and give medicine to increase the strength of the large intestine. Adding water consumption of the cat necessary. Adding some flavors to the water would help, like adding the juices from the leftover can of fish or meat.

Doing this on a regular base will slowly improve the stool and the overall health. According to doctors, it takes around three to four months for the stool to get normal, but its all worth in the end. Sometimes constipation could be a sign of some other illness like diabetes.

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  1. Prevention

It is very well said prevention is better than cure. Preventing such situations is better than treating, by building these habits you can make a difference in your cat’s life. As cats naturally don’t drink a lot of water. As they depend on their food for most of the water. So by increasing the natural intake of water can help a lot. If your cat doesn’t eat canned food then add water to the normal food. Adding fiber to the food will increase intestinal motility. Give foods that are rich in protein and fewer carbohydrates would be good.

Exercise also helps in keeping the cats healthy and also prevents obesity. If these steps will be done you can prevent constipation issues.


Cats can easily get these issues but the owner must take care of all these facts and always keep an eye on the cats help. If the cat is suffering from any issues it should be treated and also must take care that is not repeated in the future. Love, care, and treatment can solve anything.